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On-demand car data

We offer a pay-as-you-go pricing model for telematics data. You will only be billed for the actual number of cars connected via the Auto API, with no hidden fees or unexpected charges. No commitment - cancel any time.

Select use case

Vehicle brand

Number of requests

Price for one connected car

Get up to 70% off depending on volume.
1-999 linked vehicles  = 0 % off
1.000-2.499 linked vehicles  = 5 % off
2.500-7.499 linked vehicles  = 10 % off
7.500-14.999 linked vehicles  = 20 % off
15.000-24.999 linked vehicles  = 30 % off
25.000-39.999 linked vehicles  = 40 % off
40.000-59.999 linked vehicles  = 50 % off
60.000-99.999 linked vehicles  = 60 % off
over 100.000 linked vehicles  = 70 % off
Per car per month
Consent flow provided
  • Customer consent is required for access to every vehicle.
  • Bundle may be subject to taxes and fees.
Learn about BMW data availability

Included permissions

Which account is right for you?

We’ve created two different accounts to manage the needs of both startups and corporate businesses.