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  • Based on approved data bundle
  • Price varies across brands
  • Price varies depending on call frequency
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How it works

Building services using car data with High Mobility is simple. Once you go live, your monthly bill will be influenced by three components:


Select or build a data bundle.

Each use case comes with a selection of data points that are composed to give the best experience for the given purpose.


The platform shows you the cost per vehicle.

We list the data bundle prices for one vehicle in the monthly billing cycle. This makes it easy to calculate for any scale.


Call frequency.

Some manufacturers, such as BMW and MINI, price vehicle data per API call. In most other cases the price stays flat even for frequent calls during the billing period.
Use cases + pricing

A simple calculator for car data pricing.

Personal consent icon
Driver Consent
With personal consent the access to data becomes available after the owner of each vehicle has completed the consent flow. Here the driver and owner of the vehicle are the same entity (a typical B2C use case).
fleet clearance icon
Fleet Clearance

With Fleet clearance the access to a whole fleet of vehicles can be granted once by the fleet owner. Here the owner and the driver are separate entities (a typical B2B use case).
We adjust billing to fit your organisation.
For most enterprise clients, we offer a data credit model. This way, you can estimate the annual data cost upfront, and we will report on a monthly or quarterly basis how much of the credit has been utilised, based on the cars activated over time.

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