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Connect applications to car data.

Access data from BMW, MINI, Ford and Mercedes-Benz cars through a single API. Elevate your insurance, charging, maintenance or fleet management service.

Explore use cases

Are you developing an insurance, charging or fleet management service? Check out these sample use cases and the data points we offer that will transform your service.

What can you do on the platform?

Accelerate the testing process and explore develop mode with car emulators; check vehicle compatibility, get to grips with pricing and learn more about the Auto API with our in-depth documentation; have your questions answered by our developer community or on our FAQ page - all with a free registration.

Why choose

When you choose to work with HIGH MOBILITY you are working with developers who know where you’re coming from.


Become part of an engaged community


Quickfire support

We have round-the-clock developer support, so you’re never left hanging when you get stumped.


Proven success of the Auto API

The Auto API connects you to multiple leading car makers via one single, seamless integration. Over the years, thousands of developers have integrated with it and benefited from its ease of use and flexibility.


We are car data pioneers

We’re the team who first built connected car apps for Jaguar Land Rover and Fiat Chrysler Group and has been an innovation partner for many others. Now it’s your turn to work with us!


Immersive car emulators

Unique to our platform are lightweight, fully immersive car emulators. Test your application directly in your web browser using this highly visual technology.


Award-winning solution

We’ve got the industry accolades to validate us.

Latest in the blog

For developer stories, technical how-tos and all the latest release updates head over to our blog.